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Feed me Seymour


I’m overweight.

I have been for quite along time.

I am doing something about this.

I have been following WeightWatchers for some months and the results have been great.  I’ve started Couch to 5K with a jogging pram.

The last two weeks however have seen me stop following WW for one reason and another.  And today well I feel shit!  I’ve not left the house today.  I’ve eaten two pieces of cake, extra bowls of cereal and have spent a good portion of the day reading about new diets I could follow (while eating) .  I need a good kick up the arse.

Each day I think here it is …here is the new start but it’s like I’m unraveling.




I’m really enjoying reading the blogs in the  Breastfeeding in England Scavenger Hunt.  This week they are focusing on the benefits of breastfeeding.  One major benefit of breastfeeding is it’s portability allowing me to multitask.  As you can see in the shot below  Mini Instant is falling asleep.  I’d just been taking some photos for a friends website Mini Instant was tired so I put him in a hip carry and kept snapping away.

Let me know of any multitasking breastfeeding moments you have had.

Windfall and beetroot


So here is a little something I made.



Mr Interruptible’s Gran gave us a large bag of windfall apples a week or two before Christmas.   So when I picked the bag up and realised it was leaking and smelled of cider I thought I better do something quick.


We sorted the bad from the very bad and then I made jam!

It’s really tasty.  I’ve been spreading it on toast  or stirring into plain yogurt.  There is a sort of recipe below


1.25 kilos peeled and finely choped Windfalls apples ( After listening to GQT on the 6 of Jan I believe that they are cider apples)

1 beetroot peeled and choped

300 gramms castor sugar

some cinnamon and nutmeg

a splash of water

Put all the ingredents in to a heavy pot ( I used the one in the first photo) boil for about 1 hour

Reduce heat and simmer for 3-4 hours with lid on

Remove  lid,  turn the heat up for about 40 minutes and stir with a whisk ever couple of minutes

When smooth and jam like put it in a jar

So that’s it the first one done!  I’m going to try to get more crafty things up and happening.    Also really trying to get to grips with the camera and stuff.

In jam

Instantly X

Happy New Year


I’ve been inspired by So Resourceful who, in 2011, completed 111 projects.

This year I’m going to complete 50 projects  and I’m setting myself the following rules

  1. Each project must result in something physical
  2. Food can count but not just dinner!
  3. Photograph each project.

There are lots of other things I’m keen to do in 2012 and I hope to share those with you too but for the moment just the projects.

Happy New Year

x Instantly